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OnDemand Courses

Welcome to Nuvei's OnDemand Course Training

Nuvei OnDemand is your resource for partner trainings. Whether you are searching for a specific product or need help understanding cost plus pricing, you've found the right place! All courses below are pre-recorded and available on demand. Learn at your own pace.You will also find quizzes to check your knowledge after completing a course.


New training is constantly being added, check back often.


A payment solution offered by Apple. (eLearning)

Overview of the various products 
offered by Nuvei. (eLearning)

Overview of the Merchant Dashboard
and Business Coach (Video Series)

Ingenico Move/5000 terminal 
interactive simulation.

Overview of the WebApp interface and new tab layout. (Video Series)


Introduction to the AmEx OptBlue program. (eLearning)

High-level review of the merchant services industry. (eLearning)

Overview of level 2 & 3 processing with Nuvei Gateway. (PPT)

Introduction to PCI compliance for the merchant. (eLearning)

Introduction to the Payment Processing industry. (eLearning)

Overview of the Surcharging program offered by Nuvei. (eLearning)

Nuvei Basics

Introduction to quick and efficient underwriting. (eLearning)

Learn more about the underwriting process. (eLearning)


Introduction to pricing through Nuvei for the US. (eLearning)

Introduction to pricing through Nuvei for Canada. (eLearning)


Learn more about the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. (eLearning)

Learn about Canada's personal protection act. (eLearning)

*New Partner Orientation is designed to be a live course. If you can't attend for any reason or need a refresher, please use the link under NEW TO NUVEI.

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