Software/Gateway/VAR Solutions

The electronic payment space is made up of many parties from back-end and front-end providers, sales offices and merchant services representatives (frequently referred to as ISO's). There are also many different technology companies including software vendors and equipment manufacturers that create solutions used in the merchant services industry.

Many merchants processing needs can not be met with a countertop terminal solution, some need software programs for front and back office computers, PIN pads to process debit transactions, pay at the pump solutions for gas stations and check readers. 

Software is generally installed on a computer and the information is stored locally on the hard drive. A user license is often required and a cost may be associated per license or installation.


Gateways are accessed via a device connected to the internet such as a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The information transmitted during the use of a gateway is stored on the gateway provider or in the merchant services world, usually the processor's systems or network. Gateways are most often associated with a one-time setup fee and a monthly access fee, sometimes with a fee per user or account. Other fees that may be associated can include per transaction fees. Nuvei's proprietary gateway solution is called Payment Gateway.


VAR which stands for Value Added Reseller is a software or gateway that is created often times for use in a specific industry (like Orthodontists or Veterinary practices) and include a practice management component but often times integrate a payment portal as well.


TSYS, the back-end for Nuvei supports more than 1,800 software, gateway and VAR setups. Typically all customer service is handled by the software/gateway/VAR vendor and Nuvei will set up the merchant account for a 'stage only coding profile.' To verify a software/gateway/VAR's compatibility with Nuvei please check the Partner Dashboard ISO/Agent Resource Center or the TSYS VAR Portal. To validate a sofware's PCI compliance please visit the PCI council website. To validate a gateway's PCI compliance please visist the Visa Global Registry