Statement Analysis

Merchant pricing & statement analysis go hand -in- hand. You must have a basic understanding of merchant pricing structures to analyze a merchants credit card processing statement and be able to make any sense of it. Every processor has their own unique statement, while many processors work with the same back-end network, like TSYS, First Data, Global, Heartland or Elavon which gives statements a familiar layout. 


When analyzing a merchant statement or completing a cost comparison or savings proposal, you must know where to find the key components of the merchants pricing structure. 


  • Discount Rate / Qualified Discount Rate

  • Mid-Qualified Discount Rate

  • Non-Qualified Discount Rate

  • American Express Rates and Fees

  • Per Transaction Fees

  • Per Authorization / Network Access / WATS Fees

  • Pass Through Association Fees 

  • Card Brand Assessments

  • Interchange Detail

  • Monthly Service / Statement Fees

  • PCI and Other Regulatory Compliance Fees

Did you know that Nuvei offers statement analysis?

We also provide a cost comparison model to complete your own statement analysis if you prefer!

Practice makes perfect with statment analysis. Join our weekly live calls on Tuesday afternoons to see a new statement presented every week. Access our on-demand statement library to understand other provider's statement layouts, what to watch out for and where to locate key pricing components.