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Express Funding (U.S. Only)

Nuvei understands the challenges faced by many small and mid-sized enterprises. Now, we’re delivering the perfect solution to help them better manage cash flow.


Nuvei’s Express Funding allows merchants to receive their deposits of credit and debit card sales much faster than the standard funding cycle. Businesses that rely on fast access to cash for meeting payroll and purchasing inventory can now take advantage of multiple same-day funding windows to receive their cash almost instantly!

Features and Benefits

  • Simple signup: Signing up is simple and straight- forward. An online link is provided to merchants to register.

  • Seamless process: The cost is deducted automatically during each batch event (percentage or flat fee).

  • Transparent reporting: Nuvei’s Merchant Dashboard clearly outlines Express Funding amounts requested, funded and associated fees.

  • Available to new and existing merchants: Nuvei Partners can benefit by signing up new merchants or switch existing clients to Express Funding.

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