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ACH/Check Processing

Nuvei partners with Paya/GETI & also with Actum Processing for ACH services for merchants.

Merchant Benefits with Paya/GETI:
  • Easily integrates into most existing point-of-sale hardware or payment gateways

  • Skip the time consuming trip to the bank

  • Increase sales through accepting more payment types

  • Eliminate banking fees and paper check handling costs

  • Reduce bad checks with verification and guarantee options

Actum Offers:
  • ACH Debits & Credits

  • Same Day ACH

  • Remotely Created Checks (RCC)

  • Check Drafting

  • Centralized Return Processing

  • Check Recovery & Representment

  • Bank Account Screening

  • Pre-Notes

  • Micro-Deposit Validation

  • Negative Database Access

  • Identity Authentication

  • Risk Analytics

  • API Integration

  • Multi-User Virtual Terminal

  • Frequency & Recurring Billing

  • Batch Import

  • Robust Reporting

  • Customized Integrations

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