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Here you will find helpful resources to strengthen your knowledge in merchant services and grow your portfolio. You can join scheduled training calls including new partner orientation, product specific calls, pricing, and more.

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New Partner Orientation - USA

New to Nuvei? Twice a week we offer U.S. New Partner Orientation.

New Partner Orientation - CA

New to Nuvei? Once a week we offer Canadian New Partner Orientation.

SAP Orientation

Learn about the Strategic Account Program for high-risk merchants.

Products Training - USA

Nuvei products including Express Funding, Merchant Dashboard,
and Business Coach.

Products Training - CA

Nuvei products including Merchant Dashboard, and Business Coach.

WebApp Training - USA

Learn all about Nuvei's online application system - WebApp.

WebApp Training - CA

Learn all about Nuvei's online application system - WebApp.

Pricing 101

Join us each Tuesday to broaden your knowledge on merchant services.


Learn more about our new SMART App product.

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Nuvei offers a suite of OnDemand courses. Learn at your own pace!